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Local Products


In Gaios, one can find stained glass ornaments or useful home accessories like lamps, ashtrays, vases etc created by a local; olive oil, herbs, soap prepared with local recipe, homemade jam; fresh fish bought right on the fishing boats early in the morning or by the main square; special pastry with semolina or almonds; soumada, a very refreshing dring; gallery with paintings.

In Fanariotatika one can find local dairy products (yoghurt, feta cheese, olive oil cheese, a greek answer to mozzarella and ricotta, milk), olives prepared in local recipes

In Lakka you can find jewelery designed locally; also stone carvings, homemade Italian icecream, local pastry, olive oil.

In Loggos one can buy very special bread; possibility to check on artworks at the municipal gallery there.

In Magazia one can find homemade fruit deserts and ginger beer.

Antipaxos wine is also available on selected points