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Exhibition Theme

Live music happening during the opening with selected Greek music pieces relative to the exhibition theme by the local band "Sweet Gang"
Saturday, 22 June 2013, 00:08

A light Democracy In the beginning of the 21st century humanity faces a series of questions regarding values, ethics, even existence itself. What is “democracy” in a changing world, which leaves far behind the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the achievements of the 20th century? Is democracy the same nowadays or not? Are the needs of contemporary democracy the same or are they different in a country like Greece, which has been prosperous during the last 30 years and which has nurtured the artists, who exhibit before you today. Works in this exhibition try - through observing current life, guessing into the future and using knowledge of the past - to reflect images, which discuss how and if democracy can keep robust and help the society of today to hold its position during the enormous changes of our era. Democracy could be light, heavy; it could bag or shrink in order to satisfy the financial elite of this planet. And if this is true, could or would citizens defend it or are they prey to current developments and they should simply give in to events already decided for them and without them? Dionisis Mataragas Artist

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