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Bibliography & Useful Links


Foreign Bibliography on Paxos:

1. Island of Paxi- Phytoprosopography – Field Guide, by K. Papanikolaou, K. Vidakis, G. Fotiadis, Sp. Tsiftis, V. Karagiannakidou - KEPA (Welfare Enterprise of Paxos)

2. Paxi- Die Kleine Insel, by Gerasimos Lychnos, Koln 1995

3. Paxi – from the past to the future, by Spyros Bogdanos

4. Old Paxos – Glimpses of the Past, by John Forte

5. Paxos – History Folklore and Culture by Yiannis Doikas

6. The cisterns of Paxos, by Yiannis Doikas

7. The most beautiful villages of Greece and the Greek islands, by Mark Ottaway

8. Paxos and Antipaxos, by Archduke Ludwig Salvator – translated by Margarita Luzzatto.

9. Walking map of Anavasi publications; it also provides a selection of 12 walking routes through which one can get to see the most beautiful corners of Paxos.

10. Walking in Paxos: walks and car tours, by Noel Rochford

11. The Stars over Paxos, by John Gill


Useful Links:

www.paxi.gr: Municipality of Paxos official webpage & municipal newsletters

www.paxosfestival.org.uk: Paxos Festival Trust official webpage on June and September Chamber Music Festivals of Paxos (since 1986)

www.offseasonpaxos.wordpress.com: Blog on initiative for holiday making on Paxos in November and April

www.cultural-village.com: Official webpage of the European Network of Cultural Village of Europe Organization (since 1999)

www.pawspaxos.com: Official webpage of P.A.W.S. – Paxos Animal Welfare Society for attending stray animals of Paxos (since 2006)